Flooding videos

We have posted a few drone videos of the flooding around Ore Lake to a playlist on our YouTube channel.

Flooding – July 2024

The Huron River as of July 12th, has now surpassed the flood level and is currently at 7.23 feet. There is now No Wake throughout the region. Also, the prediction has increased to now reach 7.7 feet on Sunday, 7/14. The river level continues to climb. Please be safe and go slowly as you move through flood water. As you continue to experience flooding on your property, please report it on iFlood.org. And reach out if you need any help with the continually increasing water levels. 

January Flooding

The flood prediction has increased to 7.7’ on Tuesday. If we reach that level, it will be the 5th highest flood, exceeding the last winter flood in January 2020 by almost 4”. With the freezing temps at night, flood water may freeze making roads and walkways dangerous. Travel slowly and safely!

And please report flooding on iFlood.org.

River Cleanup Update

As a heads up, the river clean-up has been moved to August. The date is not yet determined. More to come on that. Have a great weekend folks and stay dry!