Drone photos/video

Students from Innovation Academy visited the Ore Lake area recently as part of our partnership with them. On their latest visit they took some photos and video with their drone as they begin to work on mapping out the water sources in the area. They were kind enough to share them here.

Updated: Additional drone videos added. All videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Please respond to FEMA’s Request for Information about NFIP

We have a chance to share our flood stories and make our voice heard about FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through this Request for Information. Please take the time to respond. If we can amass more comments about changing the policies to support individuals compared with the large companies that will submit comments supporting their interests instead of ours, then FEMA is much more likely to make changes that support individuals. They count the number of comments that support each perspective so submitting a comment matters.

If you want a draft email to edit and submit, send a message on our contact page, or send us a direct message on Facebook. Also, adding flood photos as PDF files is highly encouraged!

More flooding expected

With the rain from Sunday and Monday (2.17 inches recorded on the north side of Ore Lake), the river is projected to crest at 6.9 feet on Friday. Yet, again, we are facing further flooding. Now is the time to begin picking items up off the floor and securing other items. If you still have your boat in a lake and river, remember that there is no wake when the river reaches 6.5 feet. If you have questions or need support during flooded times, you can reach out to Hamburg and Green Oak Township, as well as messaging us here or contacting us via our contact page. Stay safe!

Grant support for raising homes

We are working to submit grant applications to help folks get support for raising their homes above flood level. If you are affected by flooding and are interested in potentially getting matched funding for raising your home, please send us a message via our contact page for further information.

Partnership with Innovation Academy

As we begin recovering from this current flood, we continue to take steps forward… In doing so, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Innovation Academy in Howell. The high schoolers will be studying our surrounding watersheds and creating a land use study to document the changing development in the region. We are very excited for this partnership! And thanks to Deanna for the connection!

Installing Gauges

In exciting news, yesterday a group of us worked with Dr. Wendy Robertson, our partner hydrologist, to install gauges for monitoring water inputs into Ore Lake! We have been working to begin this data collection for the past 1.5 years and have finally reached our goal to gather flow and discharge data! Thank you to all involved and a particular shout out to Wendy for your help and guidance, community members who helped build and install the gauges, Claire Zarakas who connected our community with our partner hydrologists, and Diane Henry for helping get our organization up and running! And thank you to the Thriving Earth Exchange for providing the resources to help our community!