Weather Update

We are projected to get between .5 and .75″ of rain Wednesday (2/16) and rain, snow, freezing rain, and sleet on Thursday that could be upwards of 3 inches of snow/sleet accumulation. This could lead to localized flooding due to the frozen ground and lakes. Move things to higher ground, drive slow, and be safe everyone! If you have flooding and need help, please reach out. National Weather Service link.

Drone photos/video

Students from Innovation Academy visited the Ore Lake area recently as part of our partnership with them. On their latest visit they took some photos and video with their drone as they begin to work on mapping out the water sources in the area. They were kind enough to share them here.

Updated: Additional drone videos added. All videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Please respond to FEMA’s Request for Information about NFIP

We have a chance to share our flood stories and make our voice heard about FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through this Request for Information. Please take the time to respond. If we can amass more comments about changing the policies to support individuals compared with the large companies that will submit comments supporting their interests instead of ours, then FEMA is much more likely to make changes that support individuals. They count the number of comments that support each perspective so submitting a comment matters.

If you want a draft email to edit and submit, send a message on our contact page, or send us a direct message on Facebook. Also, adding flood photos as PDF files is highly encouraged!